Thomas Demman

THOMAS “T-BONE” DEMMAN, guitarist/engineer, loves playing his guitar, but being a recording engineer and owning a recording facility is his job of practical choice. He is known by many as the man behind their successful [...]

Lannie Counts

LANNIE COUNTS, vocalist, was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  He has been singing and performing since he was 12.  He moved to Las Vegas 20 years ago and has been on the Las Vegas [...]

Sophia Lelis

SOPHIA LELIS, vocalist, was born in New York City’s Manhattan and learned to sing practicing with records.  She was shy and often was chosen to play opposite roles in high school plays to help with [...]

Richard Jones

RICHARD JONES, bass, grew up in North Carolina and joined the band in eighth grade to be with a girl. He started by playing tuba, then clarinet and finally bass at age 16. He studied [...]

Rick DeBella

RICK DEBELLA was born in New York City and got into music and show business at a very young age, largely because of a talent contest he won for singing.  This began his career in [...]

Pam-E Williams

PAM-E WILLIAMS, vocalist and keyboardist, was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and now resides in Las Vegas.  She is a national and international performer with a musical background that includes winning many cross-country National singing competitions.  [...]