Jonathan Karrant

Jonathan Karrant's album, “On and On” hit #4 in jazz charts. It features such songs as “Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight”, and “Doodlin'” as well as the title track, and was produced by Tyler [...]

Marchand Melcher

Marchand, singer and songwriter, was born in Florida and spent her childhood years in Idaho and Washington.  She graduated with a degree in French literature from the University of Grenoble and the University of Nice, [...]

Doug MacDonald

A longtime Los Angeles-based guitarist, MacDonald was born in Philadelphia and raised in Honolulu. He left the island paradise for the mainland's music opportunities in 1982, creating a "portable" career for himself mostly on the [...]

Windy Karigianes

Greek, Italian and Portuguese descent:  all in one elegant and sophisticated heavenly sounding body is: WINDY KARIGIANES. You can hear her cultural diversity in every note; mixing contemporary harmonies with vintage rhythms. Windy is an [...]

Adrianna Thurber

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Adrianna Thurber (a.k.a. “Miss Fearless”) has spent her life playing the violin. She studied classically at school, while also learning the art of Jazz Harmonic Theory and Improvisation from her [...]

Johnny Miles

Johnny Miles is an actor and musician, whose love for performing began at an early age.  As a young lad, Johnny discovered he could get out of trouble by making his mom laugh, and his [...]