Zinovy Shersher

"I want people to hear the music in my paintings," says Zinovy Shersher, award-winning Soviet painter, entertainer and composer, who was the first fine artist to combine the passion and mystery of music and art. [...]

Mercedes Warrick

In August 2012 MERCEDES WARRICK was writing in her journal when her hand started moving through "Spirit." "Your work will be artistic and creative." "It brings beauty and insight into the world." "I AM Spirit.  [...]

Windy Karigianes

Greek, Italian and Portuguese descent:  all in one elegant and sophisticated heavenly sounding body is: WINDY KARIGIANES. You can hear her cultural diversity in every note; mixing contemporary harmonies with vintage rhythms. Windy is an [...]

Jerry Blank

Jerry Blank’s current theme in his world premiere historic tribute series The Art of Music captures the movement and sounds of the vibrating beats and rhythms of America and its music greats throughout the decades [...]

Niki J. Sands

NIKI J. SANDS, artist. Pablo Picasso once said, “There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others with the help of their art and their intelligence who transform a [...]